‘Louweezar’, Louisa Obadan is a UK based music minister, whose spontaneous flow, takes you on a journey to being rapt in the presence of God and tingles your curiosity, to unearth the underlying story behind the delivery and grace experienced with each song. Louweezar creates a resonate sound, which blends elements of folk, pop, soul-jazz, soft-rock influences. She is best described as a carrier of God’s glory, with a sultry power house of a voice, which releases exuberant praise and worship, creating an atmosphere for spiritual truth and release of God’s power.

Louweezar, identifies herself as an Intentional worshipper, made by fire and covered by grace. Her passionate and intimate worship flows from a place of, ‘one who is continuously being moulded unto the glory of God’. Over the last three years, she has released the first three singles from her forthcoming album, which are expressions of her passion and lifestyle of worship. She continues to compose and write songs, which proclaims God’s word, to establish the desire for God’s will to be done on earth and his Kingdom come, through the gift of music.

Louweezar is a multi-award-winning recording artist, and she recently received the ‘Contemporary Artist of the Year’ and ‘Female Artist of the Year’ awards at the prestigious GX Awards, a United Kingdom-based platform. Louweezar also received 5 international nominations at Season 14 Prayze Factor awards in Atlanta, USA and got 2 more nominations in Mississippi at the Gulf Coast Awards in the United States.

Louweezar, is from a family of seven children with six girls. Growing up in a house filled with music and love, singing to songs being played on the family guitar and gathering round the family Organ was not an uncommon occurrence. Some of the fondest memories she recalls from growing up are the scuffle and rush with her siblings for turns on the guitar; sneaking to mum and dad’s room to get the harmonica out of the draw or her favourite, waiting for a go to put on one of the many records on the vinyl from the massive selection at home.

From an early age, Louweezar heard an eclectic style of music from artist such as Otis Ray Redding Jr., The Clark Sisters, The Hawkins family, Skeeter Davis, Jim Reeves, Marilyn Baker, Andrae Crouch, Al Green, Barry White, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Jackson family, amongst many others to the more recent sounds of Cece Winans, Michael W. Smith, Kim Burrell, Fred Hammond, Yolanda Adams, Maroon 5, Sia and Ledisi.

The different style of music over the years ranging from gospel, country music, Jazz, reggae, pop, soul, classical to RnB and to having a steady foundation in church with the support of a loving Christian home, has certainly helped to foster her love and passion as a singer, song writer and as a person who is a sold-out follower of Christ.

Her experience in music ministry is well seasoned, taking from her early formative years of being an active member of the singing and performance troupe to over seven years of serving as a choir member and as one of the lead vocalists in Chosen Treasure of the music department under the ministry of Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House on The Rock, Nigeria, to her time in the UK, serving in her local church, as well as working along with other ministries across the United Kingdom

She is most especially proud of the work done in support of the gospel of Christ within the community of Nottingham, and in the East Midlands, UK. This included the years spent in teaching and mentoring, as a music minister and music director, which she continues to do following her recent relocation back to London. Serving faithfully over the years, has given Louweezar the opportunity to grace the stage with gospel ministers like Kirk Franklin, Chevelle Franklyn, Don Moen, Donnie McClurkin, Sinach, Micah Stampley to mention a few.

Another word best used to describe Louweezar is ‘One with a Heart of Service’. And this is evident from her work with different church organisations by virtue of her location over the years. Louweezar now serves under the ministry of Dr. Sola & Pastor Bimbo Fola - Alade  at 'The Liberty Church London'.

Louweezar obtained a master’s degree in Environmental Management at the University of Nottingham, UK and has worked on numerous projects within reputable organisations on a consulting basis.

She has attended music courses over the years to continue growth and graft, including The University of Sheffield UK, where she studied song writing, elements of music, song forms, song arrangements, chords, chord progressions, skills and techniques involved in song writing. Louweezar, writes, sings, composes and also produces her own songs, with aspiration to produce more songs in the foreseeable future.

Louweezar has been working on songs that will be released subsequently and these songs will ultimately be on her first studio album, which she has described simply, as a sound of an audacious faith in God. The songs relay a journey of faith, believing, failing, experiencing loss, delay, growth, God’s love for humanity, ideals of justice, love and relationships.

Over the years, Louweezar has worked on various projects with numerous Christ minded ministers, artists, churches and organisations. Louweezar has shared platforms with many prominent and talented artists and is passionate about God and the advancement of God’s kingdom. She has provided supporting and lead vocals on many music projects and also writes as well as does voice overs for products and services.

Louweezar desires to continue to create a legacy of music, which causes faith to arise in the hearts of as many that will come in contact with her music. For where there is faith, the impossible becomes possible. And in a world where there is so much talk about what can’t be done, faith speaks it is done!!!

Made By Fire ~ Intentional Worshipper ~ Covered By Grace