Welcome to Louweezar

The Journey....

Definitely His Story.....

Where or how to find the right words to begin.... But like it is said, "To begin, BEGIN"

Passionate Creative, Recording Artiste, Music Minister, Producer, Author in progress, amongst many other gifts and specialism, but above all, one with a 'Heart of Service'.

The vision with a mission, is to convey artistry with rich depths in the revelation and truth of God.

One thing is certain so far, having a sense of humour has certainly helped on this journey of being in a long term passionate love affair with "The Truth".

I Love God, Do Life and Create.

Better brace yourself, for here on, you will find a reflection and all shades of the many different experiences and seasons of life, which comes with being a creative!

Come on this journey with me.... Let's Connect!!! Let's Grow Together!!!

Roy T. Bennett, puts it this way; "The Beginning is always Now" and I like to say, just "Faith it!", because Faith is Now!.

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